Leipzig City Sounds: Music. Dispute. Life.


Music. Dispute. Life. The Kirchentag in Leipzig will be held under this trinity of mottoes. Leipzig, a young and modern city which is nevertheless shaped by old traditions. Well-known thanks to the Leipzig Book Fair. World-famous thanks to the cantor of the Thomaskirche church, Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed his most significant works and wrote church music history here.

In the very recent past, the city moved an entire country in Autumn 1989 due to its courageous citizens. Leipzig also has much to do with the Reformation. Martin Luther had a heated debate with the Catholic theologian Johannes Eck in 1519 – the Leipzig Disputation. This resulted in the severing of ties between Rome and the Lutherans. The resistant spirit of the city from 1519 to the peaceful revolution of 1989 can still be felt today.

Leipzig is also notable on the music scene: in the city of Bach, who brought Luther's thoughts and texts to life like no other, music-making protestantism can be heard mixing with university music, the St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig, and young bands. The city is home to thousands of wind players who make music in the cities and squares of Leipzig.

The Kirchentag in Leipzig invites you to tackle historical events, but also to establish connections to the present. An open-air ecumenical service for Ascension Day will be the prelude to this, as at other locations. On the following days, everyone is invited to come together to pray, sing and debate. A unique format will be the pub discussions: well-know people and less well-know individuals who have something interesting to say will come together for discussions on an equal footing, aiming to encourage reflection and participation.