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People responsible for work with confirmands can register their groups online on this website. The responsible group leader will require a "my r2017" profile in order to register. Don’t have a profile yet? Opens internal link in current windowRegister here. You can register for the ConfiCamps here:
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The idea
Confirmands are invited to come to the Luther town of Wittenberg as part of Reformation Summer 2017. Ten ConfiCamps between June and September 2017 offer a unique opportunity to experience community in a variety of ways. 1,400 young people from all across Germany will live in village groups with around 70 to 100 residents. There is an exciting and enriching programme organised for these groups:
from workshops in small groups, to excursions to Wittenberg for the "World Reformation Exhibition" and to famous locations of the Reformation, and the joint daily round-up in the evenings.

YouthCamp - celebrate togetherThe theme: trust and try
trust and try – trust, courage, and trying out something new form the theological heart of the Reformation. Even today, this motto plays an important role in day-to-day cooperative living. The ConfiCamp offers you the opportunity, space and time to dare to trust - both in God and in yourself and your fellow human beings. Youngsters can and should talk this risk together with many others in society, thereby allowing them to understand and try out life in a different way: with plenty of engagement and lots of fun.
YouthCamp - play together

Organisation the groups will be accommodated in a fully furnished tent village north-east of Wittenberg: sleeping tents, communal areas and tents for workshops will be available. Sanitary and catering areas are installed and set up.

In charge
Groups of confirmands will come in their own teams for the programme. They will stay together with confirmands from their own community. Other team leaders are also wanted to help with the organisation and actual implementation of individual or multiple camps and to stay with the confirmands in the village group. Interested? Get information here.

YouthCamp - eat togetherThe costs
The camp costs €120 per group participant. This includes the tent infrastructure, catering and the centrally planned programme. Under certain circumstances, communities, parishes and regional churches will pay the costs for the participation of groups from the parish.

YouthCamp - pack suitcase

Photos: Evangelisches Stadtjugendpfarramt (Evangelical City Youth Priest's Office) Wiesbaden from 12th Confi-Camp of the Evangelisches Dekanat (Evangelical Deanship) Wiesbaden 2012