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Be there and make an impact

Youngsters with JuLeiCa. Image: epd-Bild

For the Opens internal link in current windowConfiCamps from May to September 2017,  r2017 is looking for team players who will cooperate with those responsible for r2017 to help design the programme, take on infrastructural and organisation tasks, lead excursions, and always be on hand with a smile for confirmees, volunteers and colleagues. Engaged volunteers are the foundation of successful ConfiCamps.


One of the aims is to organise the Camps in Reformation Summer 2017 with good cooperation. There are a few rules of play and some basics for this. In return, volunteer team players will get the change to cooperate on a unique project.

Get involved already!
We’re always happiest when team players can make the time for at least two Camps: In general 11 days from Wednesday to the following Sunday, that is, in the following week. This allows us to guarantee continuity and a sensible transition between teams. You will have to make your own travel arrangements to Wittenberg - r2017 will take care of team players once they arrive, offering a place to sleep and plenty to eat.

There will also be a TeamerCamp from 25 to 28 August 2016 in Wittenberg which anyone interested is warmly invited to! This is where all our volunteers are trained, educated and familiarised with the programme. Furthermore, we will all get together once on the Camp grounds so that anyone and everyone can get to know the other team players or the Luther town of Wittenberg itself.

What we want and what we need:
During the Camps team players must be at least 16 years of age in May 2017 and must be able to prove possession of a JuLeiCa (German Youth Leader Card) for this period. If you don't know what this is or how to get one, ask one of our full-time employees.
We expect volunteers to be happy to take on responsibility, and for them to be no strangers to the concept of 'own initiative' or the idea of how we can live together in a large cooperative in the spirit of the ConfiCamps "trust & try": Above all this includes diving in head-first in a large team and taking on a whole variety of tasks.

So as to be able to plan properly and accommodate for the individual abilities and opportunities of the applicants accordingly, we need you to register by the end of January 2017.

Registration is now open for anyone who's interested:
you can do this by e-mail at Opens window for sending, preferably with your contact details, the period you wish to be involved for in 2017, and a few sentences on how you found out about the Camps. You can also register as a group.
To do this, you must also present us with a certificate of good conduct or a clearance certificate according to §72a German Social Security Code (SGB) VIII within the next few months. You will get all of these details soon!

What do you get from us?
A unique opportunity to get involved in this unique event as a team player, taking a glimpse behind the scenes of such a large project, working and living with lots of young people, getting up close and person with Reformation Summer 2017, cooperating on one of the largest ConfiCamps in the history of the Evangelical Church in Germany etcetera, et cetera …

You will of course also get a certificate from us as proof of your quality work and confirmation of your voluntary work.

If you fancy …
getting involved for longer, you can also apply for an Opens internal link in current windowFSJ (gap year for social work) or BFD (federal volunteer service).

Still got questions?
We're always happy to hand out advice. Either e-mail us at  Opens window for sending or contact Opens internal link in current windowTobias Bernhard directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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