Gate Area “Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation”

When peace and justice meet

The gate area “Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation”, located around the Swan Pond in Wittenberg, offers space to ask questions, to respond to impulses to explore these more deeply, and to search for answers in conversations in the Café #Friedenswege.

Transformation Pavilion
Do we change the world – or does the world change us? This is a central question of the World Reformation Exhibition, and in particular the Transformation Pavilion, where visitors set out on paths of change. Our member associations and churches are joined by our cooperation partners Deutscher Naturschutzring, Klima-Allianz Deutschland and the Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft e.V., Institut für interdisziplinäre Forschung, in addressing today’s pressing issues and innovative solutions: in climate change and climate protection, the energy transition, sustainable consumption, nutrition, mobility and the protection of nature and animals.

Like Luther, whose actions 500 years ago set in motion the upheaval that brought far-reaching historical and social change, we are also currently experiencing a transformation: the desire for change within our society towards climate protection and sustainability. In our society, we are strengthening social cohesion to promote justice between the rich and the poor. We advocate a sustainable economy that doesn’t operate at the expense of the common gooIn the framework of the project “Reformation – Transformation!”, organizations of civil society present themselves to the public in the Transformation Pavilion. The project is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. And sustainability is a guiding theme in the design and construction of the pavilion itself, which is furnished by Werkhaus, a company specializing in socially and environmentally sound furniture production. Alternating exhibitions in the pavilion are accompanied by readings, plays, talks, world cafés and concerts – which always offer the opportunity to participate.

Be sure not to miss:

  • “You Make the Difference”: While walking around the pond, take some time to consider questions about justice, peace and environmental protection.
  • New perspectives from refugee boats: Join refugees and students in transforming wooden boats into something new.
  • “Reformation – Transformation!”: Discover environmental groups’ ideas and projects for transformation towards a sustainable future.