“Spirituality” Gate Area

Beyond 2017

The Bunkerberg is a green hill located between the Luther House and the Luther Oak. In this little oasis just inside the old town, spirituality is immediately perceptible: it is an experience with God, a very individual, inner realization and at once a communal experience. The installation consists of footbridges which appear to be floating in and leading through the air. Resting solely on slender columns, these paths made out of metal become one with the landscape. They are connected with the Bunkerberg and at several points rise above it. Several sections of the paths allow you to look down through the grating to the vegetation below.

“In Search of Myself” is the name given the installation by the students who designed it. The reflective railings integrate visitors into the overall design, with the mirrors connecting perspectives and creating new impressions. On the paths, groups dissolve, each person going his or her own way. At one spot on the hill, all of the bridges converge towards a single point and are extended through their reflection in a mirror which serves as a roof at this implied intersection. Seen from below, it mirrors the earth; viewed from above, it reflects the blue of the sky.

The Evangelical Church in Germany will turn the installation over to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, ensuring the preservation of the artwork beyond 2017 – just like the experiences people will take with them from the Reformation festivities. Many will make the journey in search of God and will be enriched by personal insights. The paths and footbridges at the Bunkerberg invite you to explore this enchanted place even after the close of the World Reformation Exhibition. People will take the spirituality that they experience here with them – from Wittenberg out into the world.

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  • Martin Luther says: “Pray briefly, but often and hard.” Celebrate with us the daily morning and midday devotions on the Bunkerberg and at various other locations around town.
  • In Search of Myself: Embark on a journey of discovery of your own spirituality on the reflective paths and footbridges.