“Youth” Gate Area

The gate area “Youth” takes as its focus this important phase in everyone’s life – youth in the sense of a place where young people meet others of the same age and exchange their ideas of a good life and of a world they would like to live in. This gate area is an offer by young people to young people, as well as to all other visitors to Wittenberg. Or, to call it out to all, paraphrasing the words of the prophet Jeremiah: “Don’t say that you are too old!”


A place of encounter for young people, an exhibition, climbing parcour, stage and church service venue all in one – youngPOINTreformation is all of these things. From afar, one can see the three towers of the meeting point of the Association of Evangelical Youth in Germany, located just inside the gate area “Youth”. High up, between the towers, a rope course challenges the daring. Inside, an exhibition invites all to join in a common search for the “good life for all”: How do we protect the climate? How can we foster a Europe that lives together in solidarity? What does responsibility mean in the digital age and, in particular, what role does faith play in this? Vibrant church services and a diverse programme of events are at home here, as are guests who simply want to spend time, see what’s going on or meet others. And the young people who live in the basement will ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. By the way: the building consists of scaffolding and upcycling products, and will be dismantled after the World Reformation Exhibition.

Labyrinth of tree trunks

A continuous succession of ups and downs – this is how many young people experience life. This installation made up of 500 tree trunks of differing heights represents the special phase of life that is youth. Just like the installation, youth appears beautiful and exciting from the outside. When one is in it, however, it demands decisions: everyone must set out on an individual search, and will reach his or her very own destination, perhaps via detours along the way. The title of the installation is “How’s It Going for You? Hidden Diversity”. It was developed by students at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Be sure not to miss:

  • Choose your own path: A labyrinth of tree trunks of different heights in the gate area “Youth” symbolizes this phase of orientation and trying out new things.
  • Meet at youngPOINTreformation: This installation by the Association of Evangelical Youth in Germany is a thematic parcour, youth church and meeting point all in one.
  • Follow the babble of voices: In the sound parcour, you can hear calling, whispering, murmuring, singing, screaming, rapping, stating, acclaiming and simply talking.