Stories on the Road

A show-truck has now set off to visit 19 European countries and collect Reformation stories from five centuries. This ‘storymobile’ will take all the stories from Sibiu and Dublin, Rome and Turku, from Zurich, Villach and Schmalkalden, from Worms, Augsburg and Osnabrück – and all the other stopovers – to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. "Stories on the Road" is a roadmap with 67 way-stations between 3 November 2016 and 20 Mai 2017. But not only that, you can also access it at any time online. Follow the storymobile on its tour and discover the stories it has collected. Perhaps you also have your own Reformation story, at a place not on the show-truck’s itinerary. If so, you are welcome to upload it - as a video, audio, text or collage - here …


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