Panorama in Wittenberg

The Time of the Reformation

In Wittenberg, a special project is being organised to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation in 2017: Wittenberg at the time of the Reformation. In a 360° panorama, this Luther City will be reinstated to how it was at the time of Philipp Melanchthon, Cranachs the Older and the Younger, Katharina von Bora, Martin Luther and Justus Jonas, with history being brought to life.

This attraction will still be available in Wittenberg after the World Reformation Exhibition. The artist Yadegar Asisi is continuing the tradition of huge circular paintings, once popular in the 19th century though since forgotten with the rise of cinema, to create fascinating art spaces.

Constantly developing his art form, Yadegar has previously whisked the public away to far-flung places like the Amazon or Everest, and has even travelled back in time to Rome 312 AD, Pergamon or Leipzig 1813.

For Berlin, he has created a panorama entitled "The Wall" - works of art, the effect of which visitors simply can't resist. "Whether I'm showing urban cityscapes or natural landscapes, what moves me is the struggle between the creative powers of man and nature. Ultimately, for me it's all about the huge variety of growth and decay."

Stepping into the painting, the visitor gains new perspectives and also the opportunity to better understand Luther's world and to rediscover the topic of the Reformation and its origins.

The rotunda being set up in Wittenberg is not just another historical museum, it's something you can experience with all your senses.

Panorama, Leipzig 1813, Photo Tom Schulze, Copyright Asisi Panorama, Leipzig 1813, Photo: Tom Schulze, Copyright Asisi

Panorama, Rome 312, Photo Jannis Mayr, Copyright AsisiRome 312, Panorama and Platform, Copyright Asisi

Panorama, The Wall, Photo Jannis Mayr, Copyright AsisiPanorama, The Wall, Photo: Jannis Mayr, Copyright Asisi

Panorama, Baroque Dresden, Photo: Tom Schulze, Copyright AsisiPanorama, Baroque Dresden, Photo: Tom Schulze, Copyright Asisi