“Topic Weeks” at the World Reformation Exhibition

Reformation Anniversary 2017

The sixteen topics in sixteen weeks will be the World Reformation Exhibition’s pulsation from 20 May till 10 September. Questions which are socially relevant or even explosive will be disputed in workshops, panels and innovative formats. The topic weeks will gather different people and will give creative ideas on living together in a pluralistic world.


The 16 weeks will demonstrate how the 2017 quincentenary differs from prevoius Luther anniversaries. It is the first one which is ecumenical, interreligious, international, with women and men participating and with an academic, methodological way to deal with the Bible. In a society, which is both secular and religious, the topic weeks are thematic invitations to hear one from another, to learn together and to develop ideas for a common future. It is the aim to benefit from the Reformation’s heritage in a global perspective and to go on with those issues that are worth it for a life beyond increasing economization.


The topic weeks will illustrate the meaning of Reformation ideas for today – like Martin Luther, they will question assumptions and ask what is really important. These weeks will encourage, inspire and give ideas to think in a new way about how to live after 2017. With the topic weeks there will be time and creative spaces – at that place where 500 years ago the world was changed.

The topic weeks are framed with a Festival Week at the beginning and the last week called “The Messages of 2017”. Each topic week begins on Wednesday and lasts till Monday.


The Topic Weeks:

24–29 May

Festival Week

31 May–5 June


7–12 June


14–19 June


21–26 June


28 June–3 July

Economy, Work, Society

5–10 July

Inter-Religious Dialogue

12–17 July


19–24 July


26–31 July

Human Rights

2–7 August

One World

9–14 August

Family, Ways of Life, Gender

16–21 August

Bible and Images

23–28 August


30 August–4 September  

Integrity of Creation

6–9 September

The Messages of 2017

10 September

Closing Service