Shuttle trains on Festive Weekend


Ticket prices to Festive Service now fixed

One way to travel to the Festive Service on 28 May 2017 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg is by rail. Return tickets will be available from February 2017 – now that the prices for the special trains have been agreed. Our partner for the Reformation anniversary Deutsche Bahn (DB) provides about 120 trains for this Sunday. About 100,000 people will be taken to Wittenberg and back to their original station according to a special timetable. The trains to and from Wittenberg have been requested by the r2017 association and the price has been fixed. The association is very grateful that Deutsche Bahn AG Deutsche Bahn AG is giving such substantial support to events marking the Reformation quincentenary.

Infomap Anreise mit Bahn

In the year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag will be hosted in Berlin and Lutherstadt Wittenberg. In addition, eight Central German cities are offering six full-scale Opens external link in new window“Kirchentag on the Way” programmes:  Leipzig, Magdeburg, Halle/Eisleben, Jena/Weimar, Erfurt and  Dessau-Roßlau. All these Kirchentag participants are invited to meet up for the celebratory weekend and festive service on the Elbe meadows south of Wittenberg.


In order to transport all the Kirchentag participants to the service in Wittenberg, shuttle trains will be scheduled from Berlin and the Kirchentag on the Way cities.


The following prices – there and back - will apply from the stations of departure:

  • from Berlin Südkreuz to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (main station) and back: €19
  • from Leipzig main station to Wittenberg (Pratau station) and back: €12
  • from Magdeburg main station to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (main station) and back: €18
  • from Halle (Saale) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (main station) and back: €12
  • from Dessau to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (main station) and back: €12
  • from Erfurt via Weimar and from Jena to Wittenberg (Pratau station) and back – changing once in Leipzig: €29
  • from Dresden to Lutherstadt Wittenberg and back: €25



DB will pass on all its ticket takings to the Reformation anniversary association (r2017).


All tickets for the DB shuttle trains can be booked online as of 1 February 2017. The tickets are bound to a specific train time, in order to be able to best manage the use of train capacities. More detailed information about departure times and booking tickets online will be given here as of 1 February 2017. Shuttle trains will also run on Saturday 27 May for the Night of Lights. In order to guarantee sound organisational planning, all participants at the festive weekend are asked to register in advance. From mid-January this will be possible here, free of charge. When registering, participants must also state their means of travel.

A good alternative for groups is to come to the festive service by bus. Well over 2000 parking spaces will be available and drivers also have to register in advance. The registered buses will be allocated a parking space for their planned route in good time. A one-time fee of €20 will be charged for buses to park.

In addition, there will be a limited number of parking spaces for cars around Wittenberg. Regular bus shuttle services will connect the parking areas to the Elbe meadows. More information about car parking will be released in early 2017. The fee for parking your car in a designated space will be €10.