Partnerships and cooperations:

Every contribution counts

The Reformation anniversary 2017 offers plenty of opportunities to get involved.
Whether it’s as an individual or a company, in the form of an online donation or a funding contribution, every form of engagement is welcome.

As a charitable association, we welcome any form of funding, support and partnership so that the Reformation anniversary 2017 can look exactly how all of us want it to.

We are very happy to develop an individual partnership packet for you and provide you with extensive information on the various categories of funding. Get in touch!

You will receive further information on how to get involved from June 2016 or you can view it now at Opens window for sending

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We have committed ourselves to the transparency criteria of the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparent Society) initiative. We ensure a transparent, economical and honest utilisation of donations thanks to our supervisory committees and external performance audit