A year at Reformationsjubiläum

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Generation 17 in the Luther City of Wittenberg


You can:

tour through the cities of the Reformation in a show-truck on the Opens internal link in current windowEuropean Roadmap, organise the Opens internal link in current windowYouthCamps tent villages in Wittenberg, help devise the event programme in the city, or greet international guests of the Opens internal link in current windowWorld Reformation Exhibition, providing them with interpretation services, looking after kids, supporting stage teams for large events and help out in the Opens internal link in current windoworganisational office, taking on your own independent tasks.


A community of young volunteers will get involved in 2016 and 2017 for the anniversary of the Reformation.



What’s waiting for you:

You will have a fulfilling time here. You will work with others. You will make new friends. You will collect experiences and develop ideas on how to proceed after the event is over. You will try things out and see what suits you and what doesn’t.


Generally, involvement lasts 12 months, beginning in September, October or November 2016. It is also possible to extend this involvement to 18 months. With your involvement, you will be part of a unique community of volunteers with 300 other people of the same age. Living and working together, you will shape the course of your involvement yourself by planning your own activities and projects.

It was in Wittenberg in 1517 that Martin Luther's Reformation first began and where it changed the world.


Where you will live:

The main place of involvement will be the Luther City of Wittenberg, half way between Berlin and Leipzig. You will be accommodated in a 2 ½ room shared flat in a residential block with three to four other volunteers. During your time here, you will be supervised by our full-time employees who will guide you and be by your side at any time. During the seminars, you will get to know the other volunteers. A 25-day education course will help to strengthen the sense of community and offer new inspiration for your day-to-day work. Here you will work on the content of the themes, reflect on your experiences, plan activities, and acquire social, cultural and intercultural skills.


Want to initiate something? Not afraid to take on a bit of responsibility? Looking for something a bit different from school, university or a training programme? Then take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and apply now for a voluntary social work gap year or a federal volunteer service with Reformationsjubiläum 2017 e.V.


What we’re expecting from you

We expect you to be open to new experiences. As a volunteer, you will be employed in one of our projects with a specific focus. We insist that you come with openness and an interest for different areas of work. So that you can be part of the community with others, we also require that you centre your life during the year around Wittenberg. We are interested to know why you want to do a voluntary year with us, and whether you are prepared to get engaged socially, ecologically, and confessionally. It would be helpful if you come with a bit of your own initiative, are flexible, and want to work in a team.


We rely on you

Most of you will be leaving the nest for the very first time. That's why we expect a certain level of independence from you in order to make the volunteer community successful, as well as a readiness to treat others with respect and tolerance, to become familiar with shared living and to work together.

We do not expect you to have formal qualifications (e.g. good grades or specific vocational qualifications). However, the knowledge you have gained from school, university and other training programmes should be applied where sensible. The tasks here are varied – your talents will be put to the test!


We give you space

You should be able to bring in your own ideas and forge your own path. You will have strengthened your ability to reflect on your own philosophy for life and your own perceptions of the world. You will have gained courage to tackle new challenges, and a desire to test yourself and expand your knowledge. You will have enriched your creative skills by developing your own projects. You will know exactly where you're headed in life.


Join the team and be part of Generation 17!

Information on what r2017 expects from you and what we offer you can be found on the following pages: In Opens internal link in current windowadvertisements, we will give you information on the individual areas of involvement, and will Opens internal link in current windowanswer many questions, sorted by keyword.

To Opens external link in new windowapply, please fill in the application form. If you don't yet have a mein r2017 Opens internal link in current windowprofile, you should get one beforehand. 


Your application will be sent to Opens window for sending emailLena Knote and Lars Reisner who look after and coordinate the volunteers and helpers Opens internal link in current windowin the r2017 team.


Head on down to the Luther town of Wittenberg

Yes, we want to meet you! To offer you information on the projects in the Reformation anniversary and to discuss whether the voluntary service is right for you, we invite you and the other applicants to attend an info and presentation day in the Luther town of Wittenberg.


We look forward to meeting you!

The application period for international volunteers has ended. The number of designated places has been reached.