Two cities for a Hallelujah

Halle (Saale) / Eisleben

United in their differences: the dreamy Luther town of Eisleben and the pulsating commercial centre of Halle. The life journey of Martin Luther began and ended in Eisleben. Here you will find both his place of birth and the church where he was baptised, the St. Petri-Pauli Church. His final place of preaching, St. Andreas, as well as the house he died in attest to this epoch with new brilliance.

The large city of Halle is quite a contrast. This is where Luther's opponent, Cardinal Albrecht, lived and worked. His monuments, such as the Cathedral, the New Residence and Moritzburg still shape the city skyline today. But Luther himself also stopped off in Halle many times on his travels, preaching in the Marktkirche Church. This splendid construction is today home to the Reformer's death mask. The effect of this high density of authentic Reformation locations can be felt here with a quite particular intensity.

The programme of the Kirchentag not only joins these two cities together, but also combines are and culture with questions relating to our social and spiritual life. The programme will begin with an ecumenical Ascension Day service at the foot of the Halle Marktkirche. At the final celebration "Culture in the Courtyards", the historical areas of the inner city will act as the stage for small art projects, theatre productions, music and meetings.

The following day will be marked by Bible studies, conversation groups and workshops at unusual locations. The highpoint will be the night-time "Band of Churches" encompassing the 75 chapels that will combine Eisleben for the first time with the Petersberg Cloister and the Cathedral City of Merseburg along the Luther Route through Halle.

Historical tours, workshops, and also critical discourse on Luther's relationship with the Jewish people will bring the time of the Reformation to life in an exciting way in Mansfelder Land. At the same time, creative types from the College of Art and Design will decorate the landscape of Halle. Families can discover the handicrafts of Luther's time in the Francke Foundations. A meeting of gospel choirs will end in a top-quality final concert on this evening.