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Could Emperor Otto ever have guessed, back in the 10th century, what a varied history his favourite place of residence would soon experience? 500 years later, Magdeburg was shaped by Martin Luther's sermon. In light of his words, today's capital of the Bundesland became the first large Protestant city and developed into a centre of media in the Reformation. Thoughts were sent out into the world from this city. Printing and the Reformation went hand in hand. Both changed the world.

Art, culture and science shape the modern image of the city. Mediaeval churches, magnificent Wilhelminian buildings on the one hand, and modern architecture, full of fantasy, such as the "Grüne Zitadelle" of Hundertwasser on the other: the architectural contrasts reflect the varied history of the city.

The Kirchentag in Magdeburg invites you to get up close and personal and get involved with the meeting of past and future. An arch will be created to span from the first mass media printing press to the digital media of today. The significance and influence, possibilities and limitations of digital media and communication channels for society and the Church will be highlighted and new spaces opened up.

At the large ecumenical service for Ascension Day, everyone is invited to come together to sing, dance and pray. Being there in Magdeburg also means listening to music and poetry in the streets, telling stories, visiting museums, and joining in discussions.

The imposing Magdeburger Dom has been witness to war and destruction, restoration and peace. Politicians and church representatives, as well as peace groups from all across Germany, will speak with guests of the Magdeburg Kirchentag on current peace politics. In the Rotehornpark on the river Elbe, kids and young people will come together to climb, slack-line, break-dance and skateboard. There are stories to be heard, songs to be sung, and clowns to be enjoyed.

Topical debates on the issues of the day – get involved!
The focus in Magdeburg will be on the digital media revolution and its effect on society and the Church, as well as topical debates on war, peace and religion. The Kirchentag in Magdeburg invites you to get up close and personal and get involved with the meeting of past and future.

Church congress of ships
Ship enthusiasts from near and far are invited to get out onto the waterways past Magdeburg in the direction of Wittenberg. The meeting of ships will be accompanied by a grandiose celebration with a large light and sound display on the River Elbe on the Friday evening of the church congress, 26 May 2017.

Anyone coming to Magdeburg by boat can talk to Opens window for sending emailTobias Kandel in case of questions or for pre-registration.