Everyone should be able to be there.

People with and without a disability.
There should be as few barriers as possible.
That is the aim of the Reformation anniversary (organisation).

We want you to be able to plan your visit yourself
everyone to hear and understand,
everyone to be able to have their say.
Because everyone is invited!

So that we can help you,
we are asking about disability.
We will try to assist you.
So we will send you a questionnaire.
Then we will find out what assistance you need.
And then we will do our best.
We will not pass on your information.
We will use it only for the registration.

Come to our events.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Have you any questions?
Would you like to sign up for an event?

We are at your service!

You can mail us:

You can call up:
+49 3491 6434-700

You can write a letter:
Reformations-Jubiläum 2017 e.V.
Visitor Service
Neustr. 10 b
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The programme.

The special needs of participants are important to us.
Consequently we are planning the programme so that
everyone can be there.
There are activities for young and old,
for people who can’t walk,
for people who can’t hear or see,
for people who sometimes don’t understand everything quickly.
There are ramps, video-walls,
induction loops,
sign-language interpreters.
There are also a lot of volunteers around to give assistance.

As of autumn 2016 there will be more
information for people with a disability.
You can read more about
Reformation Summer in simple language.
We are glad that you want to join in!