Large festival service to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation with 15,000 wind players

On 28 May 2017, Christians and citizens of Wittenberg will celebrate a huge Protestant festive service with people from all walks of life on the banks of the Elbe in front of the gates of this Luther City to mark the anniversary of the Reformation.


The festive service on Sunday is the high point of the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag 2017 in Berlin and Wittenberg and of the Kirchentage on the Way, such as in Leipzig with a focus on brass bands.


Be there to witness 15,000 instruments resounding in praise of God before the walls of the Luther City of Wittenberg. As well as the stage with the altar, a large rostrum is being constructed where it will be hard to overlook (and easy to overhear) the music of the trumpeters.

Trumpeters are invited to participate in the Trumpet Festival, part of the Leipzig Kirchentag, on 26 and 27 May 2017 - before the festive service in Wittenberg. A night-time concert in the Nikolaikirche church on Friday, a large rehearsal, and a workshop, will offer spiritual inspiration and end in a large festival concert in one of Leipzig's large town squares.


Musicians who play a brass instrument can register from the end of May. Pre-registration is possible via Opens window for sending emaile-mail.