Gates of Freedom

World Reformation Exhibition

Reformation means shaping the future. Seven Gates of Freedom and associated topics displayed on the embankments around the Wittenberg Old Town will offer a glimpse into the future: spirituality; youth; peace; justice and the integrity of creation; globalisation - one world; culture; ecumenism and religion.

At the Reformation Summer 2017, churches from across the world, as well as international institutions, organisations, initiatives and many cultural actors will present their current views on the Reformation. In addition, in the summer weeks from 20 May, a comprehensive programme will be offered on large and small stages around town; on podiums and in tents, you are invited to participate in discussions, debates and much more.

The World Reformation Exhibition offers a surprising, informative and - thanks to the many formats and colours, ideas and sounds, places and smells - a varied daily programme like never before: experience the future today at the place where the world was changed forever 500 years ago.

Shaping the future together

Church and non-church groups alike from all denominations, civic institutions, groups and organisations, and cultural bodies and educational establishments from all over the world are invited. Only together can we create an image of reformational ideas and ideas that encompass the entire world and takes on board a variety of inspirations.

This is where partnerships can and should arise, partnerships that shape space and time together, because sharing good thoughts and ideas with one another is truly in the spirit of the Reformation.

Anyone participating in the World Reformation Exhibition should ideally be present from 20 May to 10 September 2017. So as to be accessible for all visitors to the Reformation Summer 2017, it is advisable to share the space with others, rather than only being present for some of the time.

Interested individuals will be offered not just outdoor areas, but also, if requested, tents, power outlets and furniture. We will also offer optimised and well-organised infrastructure such as surveillance, ticketing services, public sanitation facilities, stages and advertising opportunities, or even accommodation.

For information on concrete possibilities and conditions for participating in the World Reformation Exhibition, please contact the Reformationsjubiläum 2017 e.V. team who will be happy to help you personally.